Top 10 - a personal view on 2013

Winter is coming! Time to go through all the picutres I took this year and define a nice selection of favorites. As easy as it was to select my personal Top 3 from 2013, it was quite hard to choose a Top 10. I love so many of them and everyone has a tiny single story of it's own. A selection:

The Azores

Azores - Lagoa do Fogo

"We heard about Lagoa do Fogo as a beautiful lake in the

middle of the island. But we didn't expect something like this.

The windy road to the lake brought us higher and higher up the

mountains. We left the car at the parking place and took the last

meters by foot, crawling to the top of the peak. And there it was.

A silent crater lake with green water and white beach on the top

of the island; the clouds only a few meters above our heads."


Lagoa do Fogo, Azores              

Azores - Lagoa Azul

"On our last day we wanted to visit the place that made us

visit the Azores. We found a pictures of Lagoa Azul a few

months ago on and since then we had the plan

to travel to the Azores. The clouds where hanging low this

day; moving fast and close from one crater edge to the other,

covering the lakes underneath. But with a few minutes patience

a gap in the clouds gave us a clear view on the scenario."


Lagoa Azul, Azores              


Norway - Preikestolen

"We started our trip early in the morning. On the 2 hour

walk we met only a handful of people; earlybirds like us

or single outdoor lovers who spent the night beside the

route. We passed the plateau and the endless Fjord opened

before us. An impression that is hard to forget. We stayed

for hours, enjoying the remarkable view, 600 meters above

sea level."


Preikestolen, Norway              

Norway - Øyuvsbu

"It was raining the whole day. But we packed our bags

anyway and went up the hills, following the signs on

the rocks. We reached the valley. The cabin looked tiny

beside the lake; hidden under a gras roof, nearly

invisible in this beautiful environment."


Øyuvsbu, Norway              

Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Victory Bay

"Suddenly a bad weather front was coming in quickly from the

sea. In just a few seconds the harbour was covered

in dramatic clouds. The rain began."


Hong Kong, China              

Hong Kong - Causeway Bay

"We explored our area nearly every night. One day we

took an alternative way from our favorite restaurant and

stumbled upon a yellow Ferrari which was parking in front

of the many noodleshops. A nice contrast to the old buildings

and shops."


Hong Kong, China              

Hong Kong - Kowloon

"The clouds were always hanging low during our trip.

We walked along the pier on the Kowloon side when the

Aqua Luna came in. The old chinese vessage gave a

great contrast against the modern skyline; the red sail

against the green sea.


Hong Kong, China              

Hong Kong - Victoria Harbour

"The rain went away and for a moment the clouds made

room for the sun and the blue sky above Victoria Harbour.

A remarkable view from Sky100 on the dozends of ship

anchoring on the green sea."


Hong Kong, China              


Germany - Sankt Peter-Ording

"At the end of a long day shooting at the beach the sun

touched the horizon. Long shadows were walking over

the sand; the wind took the sand and sped away."


Sankt Peter-Ording, Germany              


"We drove to the coast; through wide areas covered

with grain. The intense green of a summer meadow

is something I miss hard in the dark time of winter."


Waabs, Germany              

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